Emirates Airline

Emirates now has over 135 localized versions of emirates.com in 15 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and is viewed by more than 5 million visitors each month.

We are very proud that Chris and Jake played crucial roles in its design, construction and refinement. From 2006 to 2012, they directed the user experience, visual design, and front-end development in collaboration with several marketing, research, and technology companies all over the world. In many ways, their experience with emirates.com is at the heart of Rebellion Design Co.


Web Marketing Association: Best Airline Website 2008

IAC Awards: Best Airline Website 2009

World Travel Awards:World’s Leading Airline Website 2012 & Middle East’s Leading Airline Website 2010-12

User Experience Alliance: 2011 Highest rank in site localization / usability among global airline websites


Visual Design
User Experience Design
Front-end Development
Digital Strategy
Program Management

Taking an editorial design approach to airline content

In 2010, Emirates decided they needed a much more immersive, emotional demonstration of the quality of their onboard product, which is truly at the top of the industry.

In collaboration with Atmosphere Proximity, we worked together to create a more editorial look and feel, like a high quality magazine, rather than a typical airline website. The impact is immediately noticeable. Users read content and dive deeper into the experience. They can research every aspect each cabin class, and look at stunning photography in high resolution.

Looking for Inspiration from other Sources

While doing design research, we found little inspiration from Emirates direct competitors. The airline industry as a whole seems to do a poor job of selling their product, choosing to focus on lowering prices to get attention. So instead, we looked to great design outside of the industry in companies that sell beautiful products directly such as Apple and Nike.

Emirates has very strict requirements for content management and modularity to enable translation to 16 languages and localization to over 120 different country sites. We created a system that worked editorially as well as logistically.

Chris and Jake were indispensable over the course of the global redesign of the Emirates website that included re-architecting our entire platform, optimizing the ecommerce flow, and designing an intuitive user experience across 75 localized sites in 11 different languages.

Their ability to identify and solve problems, the clarity of their communication, and their sheer drive to get good work done were critical to the success of this massive undertaking. They are exactly what you would hope for in partners, and I would not hesitate to work with them again.”

Improving the experience one step at time

We've seen first hand the value of iterative usability testing. One of the most complicated pieces of functionality for the Emirates' user to grasp was the search by flexible dates pricing grid. Through the iterative process of designing and testing and redesigning we were able to refine the experience until it was much easier to use. Subtle adjustments to colors, fonts and icons proved to be big factors in the overall usability of the chart. In addition, we've refined and maintained a completely stripped down version customers with disabilities exceeding W3C accessibility guidelines.

Version 1 - The original, we nailed it! Oh, wait a minute.

Version 2 - After the first usability test we realized we need to refine the colors to make the various on, off, lowest and unavailable states easier to understand

Version 3 - In the end we removed the need to have a color key altogether and made it super easy to find, review and select a fare.

Accessibility - We created a fully accessible version for people with disabilities using screen readers and special browsers that don't support Javascript.