Collibra is an enterprise data management and intelligence company. Its Data Intelligence Cloud brings flexible governance, continuous quality and built-in privacy to all types of data. is the critical hub for its marketing and customer acquisition ecosystem. For customers, it is a single destination for support and access to Collibra’s rich portfolio of services.

To help Collibra achieve global scale and its next phase of growth, they engaged Rebellion to reimagine and replatform the site.

In just 10 months, an integrated team architected, designed and engineered a new platform that put customer success at the center of the user experience. Over 300 pages of content and thousands of assets were rewritten, redesigned and redeployed from a legacy WordPress system to the Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud content management system.

A Design System that Powers the Experience

Core to the organization’s success was creating its first-ever design system, using an atomic design-inspired approach. By creating a highly uniform and efficient system of design elements, the site would be able to maximize both flexibility and speed-to-market.

It also allows a nimble marketing strategy that can test and optimize different messaging, targeting and personalization strategies, while enabling efficient localization and expansion.

The UX and design team created an efficient, structured library of thousands of elements, components and patterns that expresses the Collibra brand in a minimal and sophisticated way. This empowered the team to create uniform, plug-and-play interfaces that could be updated and evolved with minimal code changes, while simplifying the user experience.

Deploying on the AEM Cloud Bleeding Edge

Rebellion engineers worked closely with Collibra IT to re-deploy on AEM as a Cloud Service using the latest AEM Archetype and the latest version of the AEM Core Components.

Rebellion also created more than a dozen custom authoring components—optimized for the AEM Style System and Touch UI—to allow page authors to create a huge variety of page layouts. also uses a series of complex content fragment models to facilitate structured content management and enable hybrid and headless content across multiple applications. demonstrates how efficiently AEM as a Cloud service can be used to rapidly create a responsive, flexible, and performant content solution.

Cloud Content Management for the Win has integrations with multiple Identity Providers including Okta and miniOrange. It also integrates with Coveo for site search, Cloudflare for CDN, S3 for storage.

Launching Enterprise Marketing in the Cloud

Rebellion worked closely with Adobe AEM Launch Advisory Services to architect the cloud environments and seamlessly transition from the legacy WordPress instance to AEM. Included in the launch tasks were tollgates for performance, security and code quality. Also prior to launch, Rebellion architected, managed and executed the automated migration of hundreds of content items from WordPress to AEM.

“Rebellion is a trusted partner to Collibra. Their technical expertise with AEM Cloud, creation of a design system and component library more robust than I have ever encountered and never-ending discipline around UX/UI, all helped drive us to the world-class site we have today.”
- Dina Gowar, Head of Digital Marketing, Collibra