Dell Technologies x McLaren Racing

Driven by Data

To celebrate Dell Technologies sponsorship/partnership with McLaren, brand marketing came to Rebellion Design to create an interactive showpiece highlighting the incredible work they do together for the McLaren Formula One team.

We created a fully interactive experience highlighting the incredible technology used by the McLaren F1 team. We worked with dozens of car and behind-the-scenes video assets, data, and team interviews to create a dynamic experience where the visitor can explore the depth of the technology and the excitement of racing.

Users can explore the race car, the dozens of sensors embedded to collect gigabytes of data, the data center, and the design and engineering center. Dell Technology solutions are embedded everywhere and the story of the data collection through its real-time usage in decision making is fascinating, but the experience needed to be engaging, approachable, and accurate — without giving away any trade secrets.

The result is a compelling exploration of a truly deep and collaborative technology partnership, in a fun and immersive way that appeals to both racing fans and technology professionals.

“Formula 1 is the ultimate combination in sport between human performance, machine and technology. You ultimately have to get them all right to be successful.”
Zak Brown, CEO, McLaren Racing