The Connectory

The National Girls Collaborative Project and Time Warner Cable partnered with Rebellion Design to completely rethink and redesign their database of national children’s STEM programs. We worked closely with all of the organizations to create the new branding and responsive web experience for The Connectory.

Built from the ground up for families, not nerds

The primary challenge was to transform a big, gnarly database of search results into a friendly and easy to understand experience designed to guide parents through making decisions about their children’s education. Alleviating their inherent anxiety and confusion was the number one concern.

We designed a simple search interface along with meaningful filters and sorting functions to help narrow down choices. Programs themselves were fully redesigned to organize information and make them easy to scan and understand. Program organizers and school administrators were given an entirely different interface for building and maintaining the pages of their programs.

We Are Very Proud of This One

The final result is a fun, friendly, and simple responsive website that empowers parents and providers to connect and grow the number of children participating in STEM activities.

“We had a very well received launch of The Connectory at the National Afterschool Association Event. I want to express my appreciation on behalf of all of us here at NAA for your outstanding work on the site. All of the educators we have talked with at our booth and in our sessions have been enthusiastic about the site and especially appreciative of the wonderful design! Thank you so much for your outstanding work.”
Karen Peterson, CEO, National Girls Collaborative